Theft Victims Get a Chance to Recover Stolen Property

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--It's not often you get a chance to reunite with something stolen from you.   But Midland police might have what those crooks stole.   But time is running out to find out if officers recovered them.

For victims of theft, nothing can bring back the full sense of security you had before you were robbed.  But a chance to get back some of your stolen items is a step in the right direction.

"We have things from those little mini bikes to hand tools, power tools, just a variety of things.  We even have a table saw that we recovered.  It runs a gammett from toys to tools,"  Sgt. David Garcia, said.

Many of the things on display at the old National Guard Armory have something in common.   They were stolen with the intention of being resold.  

Garcia says, that helped them track it all down, "Some of these items were recovered from a flea market on South Rankin Highway.  People couldn't provide proof that they had bought them.  We had received information that these items were stolen and they matched up with some of the things that were reported."

Some of the most unsual items include an unpainted dresser, a dryer, even a bathtub.   The most popular items?  Cases and cases of power tools.   And that can make thinks a little difficult.

"There's so many items that are similar, like, do you know how many 12 inch Black and Decker miter saws are out there?," Garcia explained.

As we found out, many people take it upon themselves to look in pawn shops for their stolen goods.   Mainly because they do something Sgt. Garcia says, his department strongly recommends, "Some people do mark their items. They'll say there's a distinguishing, like an initial at this particular place.  If we look and it's there then it's something that only they knew."

You have until Thursday afternoon, October 16th, to see if any of items are yours.   But Garcia reminds you, if you don't claim them by then, your loss may be someone else's gain, "We have a set time that we keep them and then after a while, we have no choice but to put them up for auction."