Drainage Ditches Around UTPB Getting Much Needed Maintenance

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- When all of the cleaning is done the university will have to pay anywhere from 75 to 85 thousand dollars to get all the ditches that border the campus all cleaned up.

It's been about three weeks of heavy cleaning brush, trees, and weeds have accumulated in these ditches for many years. Current university officials say they don't remember when they were last cleaned. They hope that with this effort several problems will be solved.

"We are optimistic that cleaning the ditches will deal with the problem of water drainage not only on the campus, but in the surrounding area and that it will reduce the possibility of the ditches been used as a pathway for the coyotes," Dr. Christopher Forrest, Vice President of Business Affairs at UTPB, said.

Doctor Forrest also says that once the job is done university campus crews will maintain the ditches stay clean so the problem does not come back.

The university does not know how long it will take the company to clean all the ditches, but the process is going faster than the contractor anticipated so they think that by early November the job will be done.