Several Greenwood Residents Concerned with Construction of School Sewer System

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

GREENWOOD- Greenwood ISD passed a six point nine million dollar bond in May. The money will go into building a much needed new sewer system. The plan is to build a pipe line that will connect Greenwood to the City of Midland waste water treatment plant, but the district is dealing with several concerns

"There is some small amount of land in our proposed route that will go though some property owners that we are trying to get easements for right now the rest of the line will go though county roads and city," Greenwood ISD Superintendent, Doug Young, said.

But several Greenwood residents fear the well being of their property is being put on risk.

"There are going to down this road, 103. My well is about 25 feet from that road. If anything happens, my well is gone," Greenwood Resident Phillip King, said.

"Nobody is saying we will repair it or we will supply you with fresh water from somewhere if we have to, we will maintain your home if we are the cause of it being inhabitable you," Greenwood Resident Jesse Shrum, said.

And that's not the only concern Jesse Schrum has.

"I plan to build a home right over there this Spring and I don't know if I am going to be able to get a loan, if that's going to influence the loan having a sewer line back there," Schrum said.

But the school district says they are willing to work with the property owners.

"There is certainly concerns about where the sewer line would run in relationship to their wells or maybe fencing that they've out in and we are working very diligently with those property owners and trying to work out some sort compromise," Young said.

The sewer system is still on the works, school officials hope construction will start by April.