West Texas Town Gets Revitalized

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

For the past several years, people in Pecos have been hoping to improve their downtown area, and now because of the oil boom, they have the resources they need to make those changes.

"This will bring people into Pecos, it will look better for Pecos, it will help the downtown area and the visitors," Linda Gholson with the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, said.

Linda Gholson has lived in Pecos most of her life and like many others, she's looking forward to a town make-over.

"I think we better get in higher gear because we've been kind of a laid back community and this is pushing us to move a whole lot faster and to get things done," she said.

"Pecos has gone through some very poor economic times for the last 20 plus years," Mayor Richard Alligood, said.  "Now, with the economy shifting and we're seeing increase in activity, increase of sales tax and with travel, now's the opportunity to upgrade these facilities."

All those vacant downtown buildings will soon house restaurants and apartment lofts.

"We don't want to lose it. So having a developer come in and put that money into it, it is going to really help our downtown area," Mayor Alligood said.

Just down the street, 11 new homes are under construction with builders from Austin and Seminole.

"If the city doesn't pump the life back into the downtown area, nobody's going to pay any attention to it," Mayor Alligood said. "So we're going to try to take a pro-active step while the funds are coming in now in order to start creating some interest in our downtown area and bring those people back here."

And Centennial Park may soon get a face-lift, new picnic tables, historical markers, and a place to hold town events.

"As well as having the fountain that is behind us over here and the wagons," Mayor Alligood said. "It will allow for more usage of the facility as people come into town.

The council will meet on Thursday to vote on the park changes, they're planning on spending about $100,000 on the project, if it passes, renovations will begin right away.

"Our desire's to bring the downtown back to life again," Alligood said.

"It's just an exciting time," Gholson said.