Bee Swarm Sends Neighborhood Into Panic

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA --Hundreds of possibly africanized bees were discovered on the North side of Odessa after causing panic in a neighborhood on Monday night.

The swarm of 200-300 bees was found on the 8900 block of Dublin in, of all places, the back of a Halliburton work truck, under the toolbox.

Apparantly the bees were attracted to some bags of sugar in the truck bed.   We're told the sugar was in the truck, because it's used on drilling sites. 

Odessa animal control was on the scene.   Delaney Pest Control was called in to exterminate the bees.

Owner Chales Delaney Says there is no indication if these are africanized bees or not.   That would require sending them out to be tested by experts.  Also, there was no report of anyone getting stung.

He went on to say, if you see an unusually large number of bees in your neighborhood or around your house, don't try to take care of it yourself.   Call the fire department or call a pest control service to take care of it for you.