Local Biker Community Asking Drivers to Watch for Motorcycles

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Members of the local biker community say enough is enough, more bikes are on the road and motorists need to watch out.

"We are mothers and fathers just like anyone else in the community and we just need people to pay attention because we are smaller," Biker Debbie Wilson, said.

The death of fellow biker Robert Renyolds on Monday hits very close to home for the close knit biker community. Renyolds was riding his motorcycle at 31st and Andrews Highway on September 26th when police say a Humvee turned in front of him.

"Too many of our guys are dying and it's not because nobody cares, it's just because people are not looking," Biker Mitch Kirkwood, said.

The problem is three fold more bikes on the roads, new inexperienced riders combined with distracted drivers.

Odessa Police tell us that when you have motorcycle compared to a car, a lot of drivers are on their cell phones and they don't see the motorcycles coming.

A way of life for many that also eases that pain in the pump.

"I can fill up for twenty bucks and go two hours somewhere and two hours back," Wilson said.

The solution Kirkwood says only takes an extra heartbeat.

"Just take a look, a second look, just make sure it's clear, it's just two seconds, just two seconds," Kirkwood said.