Voters Turn Out to Register to Vote

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ECTOR COUNTY - Elections adminstrators in both Midland and Ector Counties are pleased with the response for voter registration.

They hope that the enthusiasum holds out for Election Day.

In Ector County alone, the number of registered voters has shot up in just the last month.

That means they will be in serious need of help at the polls, especially bilingual workers.

While in Midland, they are doing everything they can to make sure election day runs smoothly.

"Midland has always been very good about having volunteers to work, but we're always encouraging more people to come out and help us.  We're trying everything we can to make sure we have enough workers available to take care of the increased number.  That's also why we are encouraging people to vote early," Midland County Elections Administrator Ruth Sloan, said.

Elections officials in Ector County also recommend you take advantage of early voting.

That starts statewide on October 20th and runs through October 31.

You can call your local elections office for places and times.

If for whatever reason, you didn't get out to your elections office, you can still register, provided your application is post marked October 6th.

Just visit the Secretary of State's website at   Print, fill out and mail the application, and get it postmarked by midnight tonight.