President Bush Returns Home for Fundraising Event

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - President Bush made his way back home to Midland on Saturday morning.

One day after he signed the 700-billion dollar bailout bill, Mr. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush spent a little over two hours in the Tall City.

This is the first time Bush has been back to Midland since he was elected President and he says the experience has been "heartwarming."

The President spent a realitvely short amount of time on Satruday in Midland, but he was kept pretty busy with both a Republican fundraiser and a visit to his childhood home.

President Bush arrived around 11 greeted by local officals at the Midland Airport, including Midland Mayor Wes Perry and Odessa Mayor Larry Melton.

From there, our photographer joined in the President's motorcade into the Tall City.

Residents cheered and waved American flags as the President made his way to Congressman Mike Conaway's home for a luncheon and fundraiser.

NewsWest 9 was not allowed to film inside Conaway's home, but afterwards NewsWest 9 did spot the President visting his childhood home on Broadway Street.

After his brief trip to Midland, President Bush left Midland International Airport before 2 on Saturday afternoon.

The trip was originally planned for Thursday, but the visit was postponed because of economic turmoil on Wall Street and in Washington.