City of Midland Offering First Round of Flu Shots Next Week

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- There's no flu outbreak but Midland officials want to make sure their residents stay healthy.

"We are working together with the Fire Department and Parks, they are helping us out. When I mean the Fire Department they are helping with their EMS people," Celestino Garcias, Midland Health Department Administrator, said.

The first round of flu shots starts October 10th, they say it's all about keeping citizens healthy.

"We are excited about that, the staff is excited about that, we do this every year, it's a team effort between the staff and the various departments in the City," Garcia said.

Garcia says for now the shots will only be available for senior adults 55 and older. He adds getting vaccinated is about prevention.

"You can still get the flu, but we know that by taking it the vaccine it helps you build up an immune system that helps you a little bit to overcome that flu if you do get it," Garcia said.

So who are more at risk?

"People that have cardiovascular diseases, immune compromise type of system," Garcia said.

Last year, the city gave out more than 3,000 vaccines. Right now, they don't have enough shots for everyone but they say there is no shortage and more vaccines will be offered later in the year.

"We are excited that there is enough vaccines for everybody and that's our number #1 goal, it's to take care of our citizens in Midland and our kids too," Garcia said.

Flu vaccinations will be offered at the Midland Health Center next week October 10th from 8:30a.m. to 2 p.m. No appointment is necessary. The vaccines will only be offered for senior adults 55 and older. The cost is 15 dollars per shot, but if you have Medicare the shot is free.