Wink School District Reacts to Students' Assault Arrest

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

WINK - The investigation is far from over after deputies pulled two Wink High School students out of class and charged them with rape. On Thursday, the teens remained in jail on a fifty thousand dollar bond each. However, more arrests may be on the way for the crime.

Meanwhile, the shocking crime is the talk of the town.

"We were certainly all very suprised to hear about this," Superintendent for the Wink-Loving School District John Benham said. "This is my 15th year in the school district, we haven't had anything of this nature happen in the past, and we were all very suprised to hear about this, certainly."

Suprised, Benham said, because of why Winkler County Deputies came to Wink High School Wednesday. Just past noon, deputies arrested 18-year-old Joel Chon Hernandez and 17-year-old Anthony Lee Bishop. Both are charged with assualting and raping a 16-year-old Kermit girl at Bishop's house on September 21st. The girl is recovering from head injuries after the assault.   

It's a crime many around Wink will tell you, just doesn't happen.

"Not at all, no, and that's one of the attractions to the Wink community and the Wink school is the safety of the school and the people that attend here. We were certainly very suprised to hear of these things," Benham explained.

Wink administrators said it's very uncommon for authorities to have to come into the combined Junior and High School building. They said the area is usually kept pretty safe. In fact, they said it's so safe, they don't even have locks on the lockers.

"The community is very safe, there is very little vandalism, we feel like it's a very safe and orderly environment for all of our students," Benham said.

The investigation is still not over. The Sheriff said it is "highly probable" more people could be arrested in the sexual assault.

"We have complete confidence in the Winkler County Sheriff's Department to do the right thing with this," Benham added. "And we'll help them in anyway that we can with these things that are going on right now."