No Bonfire This Year for Lee High School

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Safety concerns doused plans for a homecoming bonfire at Midland Lee High School, this week.

"You know it is kind of a bummer because it is kind of a tradition Lee has always done it," Lee High Junior Alex Knoll said, who adds tradition is important to the Rebels. "You know it's just huge that's just what it's based on building on that tradition."

The big bonfire, the night before the big game won't happen this Thursday for the Rebels. Construction at Lee's sports complex limited space needed to safely hold the annual event.

"Our first priority is public safety, life safety," Fire Marshal Jeff Meiner, said "To hold the bonfire where they normally do they would have had to move a bunch of materials and equipment."

The construction is a part of a 30 million dollar school bond passed in May 2007. The bond will add field houses to the sports complex, but will also mean there isn't enough room for the bonfire this year.

"Say if it's 18 feet tall we want the students back at least that far in case it falls over, we don't want them to be anywhere near that," Meiner said.

Instead of the Bonfire, school officials say there will be a carnival in it's place.

"I am really glad they are doing something," Knoll said.

School Administration officials say the decision to hold a bonfire next year will again depend on the Fire Marshal's decision, but next year officials says the field houses themselves may also limit the space for a bonfire.