Odessa High vs. Permian Traffic Information

Odessa Police Department Press Release

On Friday, October 3, 2008, Odessa High and Permian High will continue their cross-town rivalry. As always, the Odessa Police Department will be on hand to coordinated traffic and to ensure a safe and efficient flow of traffic into and out of the stadium.

The traffic flow before and after the game, primarily at the intersection Yukon and Grandview will be slightly modified to expedite entering and exiting from the stadium.

Before the Game, Permian High fans are asked to travel north on Grandview from 52nd street. Vehicles will be diverted westbound on Yukon to the main gate and north to the east gate. Westbound traffic on Loop 338 to Yukon will be diverted north on Grandview to enter stadium via the east gate.

Odessa High fans are asked to enter east bound on Yukon, traffic will be diverted to the main gate and also north bound on Tobosa to Charles Walker north gates.

After the Game, vehicles exiting the main gate will be diverted east and west on Yukon. Vehicles exiting out the east gates will be diverted southbound on Grandview. Vehicles exiting the north gates will be diverted east and west on Charles Walker Rd. Vehicles traveling south west on Tobosa will be diverted westbound on Yukon. Vehicles exiting eastbound on Charles Walker Rd. will be diverted northbound on Grandview.

Click here for a traffic flow map for after the game.

Parents who are picking up their children after the game are asked to please wait until the flow of traffic exiting the stadium has decreased before entering the stadium. This will minimize traffic congestion and motorist frustration.

Motorists who are not going to the game are encourage to plan an alternate route to their destination and avoid roadways leading to the stadium. PHS fans are encouraged to approach the stadium from the eastside and OHS from the westside. This will reduce crossover traffic inside the stadium.