UTPB Students Host Presidential Debate Viewing Party

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- UTPB students from the Young Republicans and Young Democrats parties decided to watch the debate together on Friday night at UTPB.

"It went really good, we listened to the debate, it was really awesome, we got alot of good feedback on it," Gavin Norris, Member of UTPB's Young Democrats, said.

Students say they put different point of views aside to have a good time.

"Both were able to get together, split the funds up and be bale to host an event where everybody whether they were independent votes or Democrat or Republican, we are sitting at the table having fun eating and carrying it on," Jonathan Dumire, Member of UTPB's Young Republicans, said.

"There was a lot of cheering for good points and a lot of discussions that was really interesting. Everyone was there discussing at the table. I was standing at the back of the room and I was like 'cool,'" Norris said.

But at the end, for many it's about who is the best candidate who offers a better plan for issues like the economy and the war in Iraq. For Gavin Norris the best choice is Obama.

"His socio-economic plans deals with average people, from the middle class family to the people who don't have much and a lot of it affects college students too," Norris said.

"I think McCain and Palin are the ones that can go to Washington and shake things up a little different," Dumire said.

But both parties agree that it's important for young West-Texans to go out and vote.

"We really need to take care of those budgetary problems as we are coming in and since we are the ones paying for it, so I think it's important to have our voice heard," Dumire said.

"It's a privilege that different ethnic groups and different ganders of people haven't had the opportunity to vote, so having that opportunity and to taking advantage of it, it's huge," Norris said.

During the debate party students also discussed what other Republicans and Democrats are doing for the State of Texas. The students say watching the debate was such a success they are already planning to do it again for next presidential debate.