Allergies Affecting West Texans

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- The allergy experts NewsWest 9 talked to on Friday say they can barely keep up with the all patients coming in to get treated. This allergy season did not start earlier than normal, but with all the wind and the recent rain it certainly feels like it did.

"It's been pretty bad the last month or so," Vivek Rao, M.D., with Allergy and Asthma Care, said.

And this situation has many West Texans going to the doctor.

"This year because we have because of all the moisture we have gotten, the molds have been an issue, however it just so happens that we got that at around the time the weeds normally pollinate so it's a been a double whammy for people who are allergic to both," Rao said.

The allergies come from different things and even from far away.

"The pollens will become airborne and they can travel for hundreds of miles so you not only have to be worry about what's here in the Permian Basin, but what's been dropped here from other areas in Texas," Rao said.

Experts say allergies not only affect the way we feel but our ability to live a normal life. So what can we do to keep our allergies under control?

"For people who have mild symptoms there are some really good antihistamines that are available over the counter, there is Claratin which is been around for a couple of years now and there is Zyrtec which recently came over the counter," Rao said.

But Dr. Rao says if your symptoms are severe you should see a specialist as soon as possible.

"An allergy specialist can help out by helping you figure out for sure if it really is allergies because if medication is not working it may be that the symptoms may not be from allergies or it may be that they are into in the right medication to treat their symptoms," Rao said.

Doctors also say simple things like using a different cleaning product in your home can make a difference in your allergies.