Midland Mother Angry Over Her Child's Bus Stop Change

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Before it turns into a lawsuit, Midland Mother Michelle Cox says she wants Midland Schools to notify parents about any changes to their child's bus route.

"Thank God nothing happened," Cox said, adding last week, she started to notice changes to her children's bus route.

"It's not right to tell a 10-year-old an 8-year-old and I have a niece that's just 6-years-old to get dropped off two miles from their home," said Cox, she says last week a driver told the kids to get off the bus because she needed to get other kids to a different stop to finish her route on time.

MISD spokesperson Woodrow Bailey tells NewsWest Nine at the start of each year the Transportation Department evaluates the best locations to pickup and drop off students. He says this usually happens within the first four weeks of school. According to Bailey, they will notify the school and children about the changes. Late Monday afternoon, Bailey did not have information on how parents are notified.

Cox claims the Midland bus driver dropped the three children off 2 miles from the designated drop off and her sister found them walking along the road.

"Give us a notice. Let us know and if we call up there let us know where are kids are at," she said Monday the bus broke down and was late and she worried for an hour until they showed up.

According to Cox, transportation officials, told her they are short staffed but Cox says she would still like to know exactly where her kids will be dropped off each day.

"We are a community, we should be able to help each other instead of ignoring the problem and oops if they make it home they make it home and if not it's a law suit. I don't want it to be an accident waiting to happen and that's all it is," she said parents might be able to coordinate to get children home safely."