Midland County Mounted Horse Patrol Food Drive “Overwhelming”

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - When the Midland County Sheriff Mounted Horse Patrol decided to organize a food drive for Presidio flood victims, they knew they could count on their neighbors for help.

"I can honestly say that the people of Midland, Texas, I've had to do stuff before, and they are amazing.  When it's time to come together, Midland's unbelievable."

Cpl. Freda Blythe can't say enough about the town she lives in and the people in it.

"We are hopefully going to leave very early in the morning tomorrow. If we have to make two or three trips, because we have stuff coming in, we're all willing to do that," Blythe said.

Sheriff's officials are asking anyone who can, to donate non perishable food items, hygiene products, and water.

The plans for the food drive didn't kick off unitl last Friday, but as of Monday, the response was already overwhelming.

"Most these items that you see here are what people have donated.  Not companies or anything else, most of them are from just people," Blythe said.

One local Church took things even one step further.

"The First Baptist Church here in town has given us a $3,000 donation.  We're here to pick up those goods and try to get it down there as quick as we can," Commander Alan Thompson, said.

All these efforts are being done on a volunteer basis from the manpower to the transportation.

"I took vacation time.  People are taking vacation time.  Horse trailers are being donated to use.  Personal vehicles are getting donated to use," Blythe said.

Blythe says it's been a joint effort including one very important player.

"There's no "I" in team.  This has been a team thing.  It touches your heart.  We're truly blessed.  The big man upstairs is watching out for us," Blythe added.