Election Offices Putting in Extra Hours Prior to November 4th Election

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- Midland and Ector County election offices aren't taking any chances. They're hiring more staff and putting in extra hours to make sure everything goes off without a hitch on November 4th.

"Getting ready for an election, there a lot behind the scene things, we have the programming of the elections, you have testing, you have a public election," Ector County Elections Administrator Mitzi Scheible, said.

And Midland County even has double the workload right now.

"We are swamped not only for people coming in to register for to vote for the Presidential Election in 2008, but we are currently doing early voting for a Greenwood tax election, so we are in the middle of an election right now," Midland County Elections Administrator Ruth Sloan, said.

The County has about 70 thousand registered voters and extra help is needed.

"I do have a couple of extra clerks and the rest of us are very experienced, so we are used to getting it done, but it will take some extra time," Sloan said.

But election staffs in Midland and Ector counties agree the hard work is worth it.

"You are voting for your Country and Democracy and every vote counts," Scheible said.

And during these elections offices will have extra help from technology; most voters will cast their vote electronically.

"A lot of folks may be concerned about that the electronic equipment is really marvelous equipment, they can still vote on paper, but only if they vote by mail and there are certain laws that have to be followed to vote by mail," Sloan said.

You have until October 6th to register to vote for the November Presidential Election.

Also if you're interested in helping out, contact your local elections office.