FINA CAF AirSho Holds a Special Meaning for Some

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY--From a spectator's point of view, the FINA CAF AirSho is nothing less than spectacular.  According to some, it serves a very good purpose and keeps them coming back year after year.

Doak Huddleston is a Midland school teacher and an Airsho regular.  He definitely has his favorite part, "The A-10 War Hogs plus the Pacific display.  (Any particular reason?) Just the explosions."

Ronald Grubbs, a Vietnam veteran, also comes out every year, "It's a great show.  I've been coming now for about 12 years and it just gets better every year."

Both men have a love of the AirSho and what it stands for, "The kids come out just to see what was sacrificed for us to have free education.  The heroic efforts of our men, myself back from being there, it's just great."

For Terry Adams, a pilot in this year's AirSho, Saturday's display had a little extra meaning, "It's my birthday and I was very, very glad to get to be a part of this wonderful organization's air show."

Adams is also a World War II vet and says the show is crucial to keeping the memories of our heroes alive, "In the history books that people are teaching today, WWII is not even mentioned, hardly, anymore.  We give rides and everything like that, just to keep the young people involved in aviation and the history of our wonderful country."

For Ronald Grubbs, the AirSho is a symbol of freedom.  Something he says he and countless others have fought hard for, "Without our freedom, we wouldn't be able to do stuff like this.  We'd be run by a dictatorship by somebody else.  That's what I fought for, not to be under anybody's control."