Power Company Speaks with NewsWest 9 About Electric Rates in Pecos

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

An update on a story NewsWest 9 brought you first.

Electric bills are rising in cities like Pecos, now those towns are investigating why. 

NewsWest 9 goes to the source, the power company.

The Texas-New Mexico Power Company tells us, their prices are going up for several West Texas cities. 

It's a pretty confusing situation, and we've tried to clarify why the costs are rising.

Your electric bill is divided into different components and the companies can raise prices on any portion. 

The rates for residential areas are going up by 16 percent on a small portion of the bill, and for small businesses, they're going up 73 percent on a section of those bills. 

Here's what that means in dollar figures: homeowners will pay about five dollars more each month, and small business owners will pay about fourteen dollars more. 

Several West Texas cities, including Pecos, Kermit, Fort Stockton and Sanderson are still working with an attorney to get some answers about the rates. 

The Texas New Mexico Power Company tells us the increase is because of higher transmission and distribution fees. 

The power company says some of the customers have misunderstood the increases. 

They're now in the process of holding one-on-one discussions with each of the cities affected by the price changes.