West Texas Officials Remember Jake Brisbin Jr.

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

West Texans continue to mourn the death of a well-known figure in Presidio County. Jake Brisbin Jr. was killed in a plane crash this week along with two commissioners from the International Boundary and Water Commission. 
Brisbin had most recently been working in El Paso. However, city and county officials all over West Texas told NewsWest 9 on Thursday he will be remembered for his good work throughout the region.

"Jake was a very down to earth person," Valentine Mayor Jesus Calderon said. "He had a big heart. He was full of energy. He was very intelligent, compassionate."

A simple, hard working man who never forgot his roots. Just a few ways friends describe Brisbin. He is no doubt remembered for the years he lived and worked in Marfa, where he served as Mayor, and Presidio County Judge.

"He was very good to work with. He always told you what he thought," current Presidio County Judge Jerry Agan, said.  "He never tried to sugarcoat it. He was very knowledgable in the way politics works and seeing the big picture."

"He was an asset to rural communities because he was a country boy himself and he helped us little guys in the rural areas with grants, just any problems that we had concerning city or county governments," Calderon added.

Almost two years ago, Brisbin, a Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart recipient, gave the keynote speech for a memorial dedication in Valentine. Some said, even then, he showed his true character.

"He wanted to humble himself and told us that he didn't want us to make a big deal about him. He didn't want us to portray him as a big shot from a big city," Calderon said.

"He was very caring, very giving. always tried to give you the best advice that he could," Agan said. "We lost a dear friend."

A loss that soon won't be forgotten.

No word yet on funeral arrangements for Jake Brisbin Jr. or for any of the men who died in the plane crash.