City of Odessa Job Campaign Successful

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Finding workers in the Permian Basin is tough these days. The boom has workers leaving current positions for the oilfields, but one West Texas city found a way to recruit new workers. 

As NewsWest 9 reported earlier in the Summer, the City of Odessa started a campaign hoping to fill the gaps in city jobs. 

And on Thursday, the campaign ended, and city leaders are pleased with the results.

For the first time this Summer, the City of Odessa began a new campaign to find workers using television and radio ads. They got about 500 applicants, and they say the police department was the most successful.

"It's definitely helped," Don Byrne with Odessa Human Resources, said.  "We've gotten a number of police officers and utility workers that we were lacking."

The campaign ran from the beginning of June through the beginning of September. The TV spots, radio promotions, Internet, and other materials cost a total of $51,000.

"Oh yes, I think very definitely it was worth it," Byrne said. "I have hopes we can do some/more of the same thing maybe in a different period of time or approach."

The campaign drew workers from Ft. Stockton, Lubbock, and everywhere in between, but their most surprising success came from the Internet. They re-designed the webpage which brought in 200 of the 500 applicants.

"Our Internet was very big," Byrne said. "This advertising campaign was directed regionally, not state-wide or nationally. However, again, the Internet can be accessed from, we've even had communications from Europe."

Resumes from as far away as Belgium and Germany landed on Mr. Byrne's desk.

"I'm very enthralled," he said. "It's quite interesting to get those."

Even though it was a success, they're not done yet.

"We're going to continue with our recruitment program," Byrne said.

City leaders are in the process of analyzing the numbers and are planning similar projects for the future.

"I think it was successful," Byrne said. "I think we expected more, but with the economy the way it is in the Permian Basin and competitive nature of employers, I think we did very well."