Family Keeps Basin Inspired by Donating Goods

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Plastic bags filled with clothing, bedding, and other donations lined the outside of a TMP trailer outside Midland's HEB, Wednesday. It's day three of the Hurricane Ike Drop Off Drive started by a simple idea by two young Midlanders.

"We've had little kids walking up with their grocery bags and we've just had people drive by and hand money to go buy gas or whatever," said Sara Bateman, grandmother of Karsyn Bateman, 10, and Doss Conner, 6, who decided they wanted to go door to door to help their cousins in Houston.

Instead the efforts turned into a ballooning operation. Thursday, the TMP trailer will hit the road to Houston, and a second trailer donated by U-HAUL will leave Sunday morning.

"I am thrilled by the support, but we still need things though," ara Bateman, said.

Bateman says the family will extend the donation drop off, through Saturday. They will take donations between 8am-8pm until Saturday.

"We got out the day after and drove around the neighborhood and my mother's neighborhood looked like a tornado had hit it," Colleen Mclane, who left Houston the day after Hurricane Ike hit, said.

"We've been in Ike. My mother's still there and we just thought if there was anyway to help out with the relief, we wanted to do that," she said.

For now, the family is asking for donations of just essential items.

"Water. Food," said Conner, "and we take stuff they can eat right away."

The food will go to families in Houston who are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

"I didn't expect it to be piled up like this," Karsyn Bateman, said. "I've learned that if you help others you will feel good and you may be successful."

Dry Milk
Beef Jerky
Peanut Butter
Dry fruit
Baby Formula
Pet Food
Bug Spray
Flash Lights
Trash Bags
Hand Sanitizer
Ice Chests
Gas Cans
Paper Goods
Can Openers
Non Perishable Food