New Check Scam Hits the Basin

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN - If you get a check in the mail for thousands of dolLars, don't cash it, it's all part of a scam.

According to the Permian Basin Better Business Bureau, phony checks are making their way across the Basin.

The very real looking check is sent out with a letter telling you this is part of a million-dollar jackpot and asks you to cash it at your bank, then wire the taxes and processing fee back to them.

The Better Business Bureau tells NewsWest Nine, the fact they are asking you to wire the money, should be an immediate red flag. But if you cash it, you could be out some major bucks.

The BBB recomends you check the return address of the letter for anything coming from Canada, Jamaica or any other foreign Country.

Remember that lotteries from any foreign Country are illegal in the U.S.