Possible Nationwide Gas Theft Ring Hits the Permian Basin

By Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

The Flying J in Midland has lost thousands of dollars due to gas theft, but thanks to some quick thinking by the Manager, one suspect is now in custody.

"I followed the trucks and communicated with 911 to the Deputy and we stopped the one truck that was trying to keep me back and then another deputy stopped the other truck and brought them back to the location," Jerry Roach, Operations Manager of Blue Streak, said.

Roach says he noticed two truckers pumping gas that matched a description of an alert he received from the Flying J Corporate Office.

"They were hitting other Flying J's and running up to close to 100 thousand dollars worth of fuel using fake cards and they had pictures of them from their security system, and I knew what the trucks looked like," he says.

Midland County Deputies tell NewsWest 9, the suspect was arrested on charges of credit card abuse.

Deputies tell us this is not an isolated incident and gas stations across the Country may have been hit by the suspect.

Roach says gas theft seems to be a growing trend.

"The more they take, it's going to cost everybody else more, because the cost of fuel will keep going up, and that is what we all have to stop," Roach said.

Deputies tell NewsWest 9 that the federal authorities have been notified and the investigation is ongoing. They are also looking into the possibility of other suspects.