Presidio Leaders on Standby

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO- Residents and city leaders are bracing for flood waters after more water released from the Granero Dam in Mexico is expected to reach the border town Thursday night or Friday morning.

"The organization is there, everything is in place," Mayor Lorenzo Hernandez, said.

The city has hundreds of sand bags ready at the fire station and a command center setup at the annex building.

"We're playing it by ear and if everything goes according [to plan] we're going to be okay and if not, were prepared for the worst case scenario," Hernandez said.

Hernandez says the worst case would happen if either the Ciblio Creek Levee or the Rio Grande Levee buckles under the pressure.

Jessica Nunez, with the International Boundary and Water Commission says Mexico released more water on Thursday.

Those living off FM 170 are already dealing with flood waters.

"It could have been worse, we came out alive, material things can be replaced, repaired, and bought all over again. In my case, I have to start all over," Retired Teacher, Jesus Torres, said.

He planned to retire in his adobe home but says that dream is shattered when the sand wall built to protect his home didn't hold.

"They just didn't hold, the water was too swift and to hold anything," he said.

Officials say at least one other home was damaged by the rising water.

In Redford, twenty miles east of Presidio, a DPS crew dropped food and cell phones for the nearly 100 residents who have no way in or out.

Mayor Hernandez says he expects the levees to hold but says a siren system setup two months ago will alert residents to seek shelter on higher ground if there is a breach.

Residents are asked to call City Hall if they have any questions at 229-3517, instead of 911. They have asked residents to prepare an overnight bag.