McCain and Obama Visit Ground Zero

by Steve Handlesman

NBC News

NEW YORK - The last time they were together was in California last month.

But John McCain and Barack Obama paid a joint tribute on Thursday to those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center.

They both cancelled political rallies and both candidates took their ads off TV.

A one-day halt in the air war.

Earlier, at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, McCain said he could have been a 9/11 victim had the fourth plane made it to the U.S. Capitol, where McCain and many other were working.

"They and possibly I owe our lives to the passengers who summoned our courage and love necessary to deprive our depraved hateful enemies their terrible triumph," said John McCain.

Earlier, in Harlem, Obama met with Bill Clinton who'll campaign for Obama this month and says he sees a democratic victory.

"I predict that Senator Obama will win and will win pretty handily," said President Clinton.
"There you, you can take it from the president of the United States he knows a little something about politics," replied Obama.

But new polls that show Obama ahead in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and McCain ahead in Virginia, Florida and Missouri.

The polls also show the race is tightening since McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.

She's back in Alaska, where 9/11 is the day her 19-year-old son track heads off to Iraq.

This was Wednesday night.

"John McCain refused to break faith with today's troops who have now brought victory in Iraq within sight and as a mother of one of those troops, that's exactly the kind of man I want as commander in chief   yeah," said Palin.

But on this emotional day, voters are still equally divided over who they want as President.