Alleged Police Brutality in Ft. Stockton

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON- The FBI is looking into allegations, a police officer in Fort Stockton may have kicked a man while handcuffed and under arrest.

Police Chief Juan Castro tells NewsWest 9, they are following procedure until they can review all the facts. The Texas Rangers were called in by the Department to investigate and the officer was placed on administrative leave.

Roman Dudley says after he saw his brother Monte Dudley, after he was arrested over the weekend, he wanted something done.

"He was pushed down and then kicked in the face," Dudley said, "His lip was busted up pretty bad, he had several bruises, scratches. It looked like he had been in a fight."

Roman admits his brother didn't stop when a Fort Stockton police officer flashed his lights.

"He should have pulled over when they first asked him to pull over and I think the pursuit is justified, but once they have him cuffed, they have control," he said, "It should have ended there and they went over the line."

According to Dudley's account more officers and members of the Pecos County Sheriff Department showed up. He says a dash cam on a sheriff's deputy vehicle captured an officer allegedly kicking his brother in the face.

"I understand officers are here to protect and serve all of us and I know they have a tough job and some citizens make it tougher on them but everybody has civil rights," he said.

The Dudley's hired an attorney and called in the FBI.

"My brother probably would have let it go," said Dudley, "We don't need it in Fort Stockton, we don't need it in Texas or the U.S."

FBI agent Matt Espenshade says to make sure investigation like this one are fair, as standard practice, they send the evidence to the Department of Justice in Washington D.C.

Espenshade says they plan to ship the tape and other evidence sometime this week and it could be sometime before members of the Department of Justice decide the case.