Levee Shored up in Presidio

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - A levee outside of Presidio has been shored up after it began seeping water Wednesday night.

The Mayor of Presidio tells NewsWest 9 that the breach occurred one mile east of the Railroad Bridge.

NewsWest 9's Camaron Abundes is in Presidio and reports that 11 trucks of sandbags were brought in to secure the levee.

Camaron also reported that a food drop has taken place for the residents who are trapped in the small town of Redford along the Rio Grande. FM 170, which runs from Presidio to Lajitas, remains closed due to high water blocking off Redford from the rest of the area.

The Rio Grande has been flooding all this week after water releases in Mexico and rainfall in the area. Flooding is expected to continue for the next several days and Mexico is expected to release more water in the near future.

Presidio officials are telling residents there is no reason to panic. If you have any questions or need assistance you are asked to call Presidio City Hall at 229-3517. An incident command center has been set up in town to monitor the flooding situation.

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