Residents Concerned About Their Homes After Recent Tank Battery Fire

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA- The insurance company came by Monday afternoon to check out what damages were left by the fire.  But the neighbors NewsWest 9 talked to on Tuesday morning say they don't know if their homes will last without getting them fixed.

"From what I understood that might be a while before they do anything, I take care of a disabled mother and it's going to be hard for me to help maintain the house and take care of her," Resident Charles Lintner, said.

Lintner lives in a mobile home with his mother and brother he says Monday afternoon's blast literally moved his home, and if that's not all.

"Yeah the well water around here too, they did not try to block oil off, oil was flowing down the alley, they just let it flow down the alley until they had everything put out," Lintner said.

And other neighbors nearby were affected as well.

"When we were trying to get out of the house I slipped and fell down, it was raining pretty good, we went to the emergency room and the loud explosion made my ear drums pop and his popped, and our heads were aching pretty good," Resident Christopher Hopper, said.

Hopper says he is thinking of moving his family from the area because of all the problems the tanks are causing.

"My kids are not going to get killed by some exploding tanks that were built here.   If we would have known that, we would have took it into consideration before I bought this place," Hopper said.

The insurance company has yet to contact the neighbors and they don't know if or when their houses are will be fixed.