New High-Tech Project Hopes to Bring Awareness to Downtown Midland

By Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

Revitalizing downtown Midland an important part of growing the Tall City, and the Midland Chamber of Commerce is using the latest technology to do just that.

"Live Midland is a brand new web site and Live Midland an interactive website and marketing campaign based on the redevelopment of downtown area," Laura Roman, Director of the Midland Development Corp., said.

Blogging, restaurant reviews, and posting pictures will all be part of the website.

"Its real people, it's not a professional marketing or paid actors, it's not professional advertising, it's strictly a true perspective good or bad it what we consider real fresh and raw," Roman says.

The website hopes to introduce or just reacquaint the downtown area to developers and visitors.

"We are getting inquires into developing downtown Midland, redoing some old buildings. Our National economy is not that good, but I think some dollars are finding their way to Midland," Mike Hatley with the Midland Chamber of Commerce, said.

He says its perfect timing for the new project.

"With the website we want to attract a young talented workforce and getting those people to Midland means the difference from continuing to grow to just treading water," Hatley said.

The website will launch October 14th.