Family Speaks Out Over the Death of Their Loved One

ODESSA - This much we know: a two year boy is dead, but Odessa Police and the boy's family paint two different pictures in explaining what happened.  

27-year-old Guadalupe Hernandez is charged with manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid.

Odessa Police say he ran into two-year-old Miguel Hernandez, and his mother, 28-year-old Lizeth Pacheco while driving his truck down the back alley of Center Street in Odessa early Sunday morning.  

Pacheco's family members say Miguel is Guadalupe's son.

Some of them tell us, they saw the boy's body claim it's impossible he was hit by a truck, and that the boy died after his mother dropped him on the concrete.

"When we later, we saw the body, he didn't have no track marks or nothin' on his body. He just had a cut on the back of his head," Roberto Urias, Step-Grandfather of the Victim, said.

For now, the investigation continues and Hernandez remains in jail on a $200,000 bond.