New State Law Requires Inspection of New Homes Under Construction

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY- Homeowner Linda Bassham likes the idea of a state law requiring builders to hire a licensed inspector three times during the phases of a home's construction. She lives in Midland County and thinks the new state law will help homeowners know exactly what they're getting when they purchase property outside a municipality.

"You could have a lot of repairs you could even endanger your family," she said, "After living here we've found things that we had to repair and bring up to par so that we feel safe about it."

The law went into effect September 1st and applies to all areas not covered by municipal code enforcement, generally areas out in the County.

The Texas Residential Construction Commission will monitor and fine companies that don't comply.

J.T. Chesnut, who lives in Midland County doesn't like the idea of extra costs that may go along with the new code requirement and the new law goes against one of the reasons people move out of town.

"Just for country life, we don't have to mess with the big City, we don't have to mess with all the laws and codes," he said.

Jim Swain, a private Real Estate inspector, says the new requirement may add hundreds of dollars to homes and renovation prices but he says that is still not certain.

"When you buy a house out in the country you never know what kind of workmanship went into it," Bassham said, "whether it was done properly, whether the plumbing is right."

Despite the costs most builders say it will be good for the industry.