West Texans Enjoying Permian Basin Fair

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Many say the fair it's about the rides, the food and having fun.

"I got a teddy bear from popping balloons," Destiny White said.

"We are about to go in the ride that makes your stomach sink," Jade Honeycutt said.

At the Permian Basin Fair, there are activities for everyone to enjoy.

"I like the rides personally, the food is good, that's what we are getting ready to do now. I like the rides, the kids like the rides, of course they like winning the toys and the prizes and all that. I am all for the rides," Rene Alger said.

For one Odessa native coming is a yearly ritual.

"We enjoy it, kids love it, come out here and it gives us something to do in west Odessa, we look forward to it every year.  I love bringing my girls to see all the attractions, the animal show, I love the Wild Wild West Show, I have to see that every year," Wendy Gardenhire said.

But before any one can get on the ferris wheel or eat some funnel cake many volunteers work almost a year and half in advance to make sure everything is ready.

"We have 52 volunteer board members and they come in. For two weeks, we've had people on the ground," Permian Basin Fair Organizer Carla Clark, said.

And one of the main purposes of the fair is to give back to the community.

"This year, we'll award 33 thousand dollars in scholarship to young people in events form the pageant to creative arts to the Farming and Ranching Division to the Live Stock Shows. That's the greatest part of it giving back to the community the gives so much to all of us," Clark said.