HEB Store in Midland Short Staffed

Roma Vivas
Roma Vivas

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The Unit Director of HEB in Midland says his store is about 100 people short. His employees are doing all they can to give good service, but he doesn't know how long they can keep it up.

"We need them in all area of the stores, we need them at front end, checkers, baggers, produce, meat, deli, grocery stocking, frozen food, really you name the department we need help," Richard Garner, Unit Director at H.E.B Midland, said.

For the store to run properly HEB needs about 450 employees. Right now they have about 350 in their payroll, so to be able to get all the work done they've had to put extra hours on their time cards.

"We are using a lot of over time and having to work people longer hours and sometimes that creates them from spending time with their families and those types of things," Garner said.

But getting people to apply for jobs is not the only reason why the store is short staffed.

"We have several job fairs, and many times we have had people who don't pass the drug test or background check so we might interview 18 to 20, and we might end up with seven out of that whole group," Garner said.

And this problem might influence the time you wait in-line to pay for your groceries.

"We have a goal of a getting all our customers out within five minutes once they reach that front end and if we don't have enough checkers and enough baggers, it's difficult for us to do," Garner said.

The Unit Director in Odessa also tells NewsWest Nine they are short staff too, not as much as Midland but it's still putting more pressure on his staff.