Pecos High School on Probation

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

PECOS- Pecos High School will spend the next year on probation after a ruling from the University Interscholastic League on Wednesday. No students from Pecos High School tested positive for steroids but Kim Rogers, a spokesperson for the UIL, told the Associated Press someone violated confidentiality rules when the test was given back in April.

According to UIL rules only key administrators are allowed to know about the tests and then only 48 hours before it is given by testers from the National Center for Drug Free Sport.

District officials did not show up to a hearing in Austin, Wednesday, instead they told the UIL they would not fight the punishment.

Superintendent Manny Espino tells NewsWest 9, the kids didn't find out when the tests would be given only that the school had been selected by the state for the random tests.

Espino said it should never have happened, but says the district has addressed the issue. The Superintendent would not say what action has been taken.

According to Espino, the probation will not effect district play or prevent teams from advancing to regional and state competitions.