Grandfalls Mayor Takes On City Council

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

GRANDFALLS--Mandy Brandenburg has been Mayor of Grandfalls since May of 2006. But she says that is wasn't until certain new members were elected to the city council in May of this year that things started getting out of hand.

"Actually, the reason I was resigning was the immaturity of certain council members and the administrator and the illegal activities they've been performing.  I don't want to be a part of it.  They don't know when to stop.  So I just decided that I wanted out.  I was not going to go down with them."

It sounds like something out of a soap opera script, but the small city of Grandfalls has been a buzz with controversy for several months.  The latest episode taking place Tuesday night, when according to Brandenburg, city council members held a special meeting to appoint a new Mayor.

But she says, that wasn't the first time they tried to do it, "Two weeks ago they were going to try to hold a special meeting on a Saturday night, in a last ditch effort to get me out so they could get someone else appointed as the Mayor.  Based on the agenda that they posted, it would have been an illegal meeting."

Brandenburg says the agenda was very confusing and appeared they were trying to appoint a new council member "and" a new Mayor at the same time.  So she called the Attorney General.  She also says the council voted to accept her resignation effective immediately, not on September 30th, as was written.  She also mentioned that to the Attorney General, "I was told that if the date on my resignation is September 30th, then September 30th, it is."

We went to City Hall to see if we could talk with City Administrator Joe Gilbert.  We waited both inside and outside, but he refused to comment.

Now Brandenburg says, it's time to move on, "I've been very interested in politics all my life, but this was not the way it was supposed to work out, so I don't think I'd step back in again."

Brandenburg says she's sorry the city and the people of Grandfalls got caught up in the situation. She just hopes that everyone can band together, put this all behind them and move on.