What a $22 Million Jail Bond Will Buy

Camaron Abundes
Camaron Abundes

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- At 306 total beds, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter says they're constantly looking for ways to keep people out of jail.

"Things are getting old and we have mechanical problems from time to time," he said, "we're running out of space. We're overcrowded."

Sheriff Painter says a collaboration between the Judges, County Attorney, and Pretrial Bonding Services work together to keep many people out of jail.

"There are some people on leg monitors, there on GPS monitors. They have alcohol monitors," Sheriff Painter, said.  "It's a means to reduce the people in jail and that's what you have to do in a crisis situation and that's where we're at."

The bond will add space to the kitchen and medical areas. It will also add two cells with independently operating air systems in case an inmate is booked in and has an air born illness.

Barracks-style living quarters housed in a tent like structure will add 72 beds reserved for minimum security inmates. Sheriff Painter says video phones will allow visitors to speak with inmates from the old courthouse and will alleviate parking problems at the Midland County Detention Center.

They also plan to incorporate vocational training to go along with the Detention center's GED program.

"Anytime you have an increase in the economy or the population especially, you're going to have an increase in the crooks that need to be locked up," Sheriff Painter said.