Volunteers Donate Time for MDA Telethon During Labor Day

Roma Vivas
Roma Vivas

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- "I came one time and that's all it took, one time to come and help in any way I could,"  MDA Volunteer Barbara Rice, said.

Barbara Rice has volunteered for this telethon for seven years now she donates money any time she can and enjoys spending her day off helping others.

"People say why do you give up your Labor Day weekend, I feel the call, I feel the need, I see the need that needs to be feeled, and I enjoy so much, it's so exciting," Rice said.

Another volunteer who has come for seven years is Robert Frantze. He lost a cousin to muscular dystrophy, since then he helps the association.

"I can't afford to donate much, but I can donate my time which equals out to helping out," MDA Volunteer Robert Frantze, said.

And also many local organizations help in this event. The Jackalopes Hockey Team has come for about 12 years.

"I am thrilled that God blessed me with healthy children. Anything that we can do help those that have had difficulties physically, we'll do it happily, it's a holiday, but it's OK," MDA Volunteer Kylve Rodgers, said.

All the money raised during the telethon will stay in West Texas. In total, about 300 families will be helped that are affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

"Just in the past few months we've put some in very expensive wheel chairs, we have support groups, clinics. These families will be lost and not to mention just what we do in that level, we all become a big family, so we are just a phone call away for many of their needs," MDA Program Coordinator Marcie McDonald, said.