Midlander Shares His Experiences From the DNC

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Going to the Democratic Convention is a dream come true for Chris Hightower. He represented the Senatorial District 31 which includes 26 counties from West Texas to the upper panhandle. And now that he came back, he is more ready than ever to convince West Texas to pick Obama.

Hightower still can't believe he was part of the Democratic Convention now more than ever he feels Obama's policies represents his own beliefs.

"I think that the focus that we have had, foreign policy is not correct. I like the way he is talking moving out of Iraq and focusing our effort in fighting the war in against terrorism in Afghanistan," Chris Hightower, Midland Democratic National Convention Delegate, said.

Even though West Texas is mostly Republican, Hightower says he is still going to try to convince West Texas of choosing Obama.

"The fact that we have a small group of people does not diminish that we have an ideal that we want push forward and it does not matter that it's a 80% Republican in this city or not, we still have a voice and we still need to do everything we can to win elections," Hightower said.

Hightower has not always been part of the Democratic Party and going to this Convention reaffirmed to him why he has decided to support Obama.

"I really feel I was part of history, I'm a teacher and I've always enjoyed history and to be actually be there in a historic moment in time and I can remember everything it was happening when this man actually accepted the nomination, it's an honor to be part of that," Hightower said.

But the Convention wasn't just a place to meet other Democrats; it gave Hightower the chance to be part of a couple discussion panels.

"I got invited to several round table discussions on issue like foreign policy, health and education, philanthropy, international relations, and a whole bunch of things," Hightower said.

For now, Hightower is going to back to his job as a high school teacher and then start the hard task of campaigning for a Democratic nominee in a mostly Republican State.