Weak Cotton Crop in Midland County

Camaron Abundes
Camaron Abundes

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY- Instead of harvesting cotton, many farmers in the Basin say they're looking at a dismal crop this year.

"Farming is a big gamble," Jody Schumann who farms out in Midland County said, "between this year and last year, it's the difference between night and day."

Schumann says he irrigates his crops. He also has livestock and along with cotton he plants other producers. According to Schumann, utility bills alone have toppled $5,000 dollars a month.

"Then this year even trying to plant is a nightmare," he said.

Watering has paid off for Schumann, he says he has some cotton left, but it's not much.

"This plant is only 18 inches and last year they were waste high," Schumann said as he pointed at a flowering cotton plant.

Herb Sorley, Executive Director of the local branch of the Farm Service Agency says many farmers who rely on cotton as their livelihood and who don't irrigate, don't have much left.

"This year we have very little cotton," Sorley said farmers are just getting by this year, "They've said they're not going to make it, they've had a tough time financially."

Sorley says some farmers acted fast and planted other crops and others will rely on their crop insurance, but all are looking forward to next year.

"The farming community is going to cut back, they have to cutback, simply because they don't have the income they had last year," Sorley said.