Lifting of Burn Ban Causes Numerous Smoke Calls in West Odessa

Haley Burks
Haley Burks

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - The burn ban for Ector and Midland County lifted only yesterday but fire crews in West Odessa already swamped with calls.

"We have had seven calls just this morning people seeing the smoke and thinking something was on fire," West Odessa Fire Chief Jimmy Ellis, said.

Each and every call is checked out he says.

"You take every call serious, you plan for the worst hope for the best," Ellis says.

Residents say lifting the burn ban is welcome relief.

"I have got a pile of stuff in the back of stuff to get rid off," one resident said.

Ellis says he was in favor of removing the ban for safer conditions later in the year.

"Go ahead and let people burn and get everything out of the way before we start drying out again," he says.

Ellis also says a surge in calls can only be expected after such an extended ban "I think it will slow down a bunch after the Labor Day weekend."  Ellis tells us that even though the ban is lifted remember to use extreme caution when burning any materials.