Credit Card Scam Hitting the Permian Basin

Roma Vivas
Roma Vivas

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS- This time the targets a local glass company and an Odessa dog breeder, they didn't fall for the scam. But one Abilene Business did just last week.

The scam is very simple. Businesses are contacted though an operator assisted service for the hearing impaired. They make an order and give a credit card number then they ask the business to charge the credit card an extra amount on top of the initial purchase. The business must give the scammers a check or money order for the extra amount. Some businesses find the transaction a little fishy and start asking for more information others just go along with it.

"The reason they use this machine is to gain sympathy and though that sympathy they gain our trust because we are thinking 'in the other end of the line there is someone who has a disability and so we are sympathetic,' and we don't automatically come to the conclusion that it might be an scam," Trish Powell with the Better Business Bureau, said.

Powell advises caution when dealing with unknown customers. Also before shipping any merchandise verify the credit card number. And remember these types of crimes are hard to investigate because the transactions are done by the phone or e-mail.

Another thing to keep in mind is to become familiar with the charge back policies of the credit card processor your business uses when taking phone orders. That could save you some money.