Midland Offers City Manager Job to Courtney Sharp

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Rick Menchaca officialy turned in his resignation as City Manager in July of last year.   He is currently the City Manager in San Marcos.

Now, thirteen months later, Midland may soon be able to close this chapter, on what has been a very talked about ordeal.

Courtney Sharp was one of five finalists being considered for the position.

The Midland City Council voted six to one today to make him an official offer.

Council member Vicky Hailey was the lone no vote.

Sharp is the current City Manager, in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Details of the contract include a $158,000 per year salary and six month severance package.

The City of Midland hopes the structure of the employment agreement will strengthen the relationship between the Council and the City Manager "by enhancing the excellence and continuity of the management of the city."

In a statement to NewsWest 9, Sharp says "I look forward to working with city staff, and the citizens of Midland to makr "our town" the best town in Texas."

No official start date has been announced.

Sharp hasn't taken the job yet.

A copy of the contract will be made available for public viewing and will be on the city's website once all the details have been worked out.

If you would like to see Courtney Sharp's resume, that's also on the city's website, under City Manager Update.