Woman Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Money from Local Booster Club

Camaron Abundes
Camaron Abundes

By Camaron Abundes  
NewsWest 9

GREENWOOD- Felony charges, not Friday night lights, will greet one former member of the Midland Greenwood Football Booster Club this season. Melinda Ann Beggs is accused of stealing between $1,500 dollars and $20,000 dollars from January through August of 2008.

According, to the Midland County Sheriff's Department Beggs, volunteer Treasurer for the Booster Club, stole the money at the Community National Bank.  The charge; a state jail felony is punishable by no less than 180 days behind bars and no more than 2 years. A judge can also order a fine up to $10,000 dollars, according to the Texas Penal Code.

A booster club member on the condition of anonymity says Beggs stole just over $6,000 dollars.

"The booster club helps teams, it helps with anything the school needs," Tony Navarez, father of a Greenwood Ranger Football player, said.  "You are stealing from the kids and I know every other parent is with me. It's upsetting."

One parent called it was a 'shame for the kids'. Other's said they were outraged by the news.

Two Booster Club members at the Junior Varsity practice on Monday declined to comment.

Greenwood ISD Superintendent Doug Young said the issue was not school related and would not comment further.

Beggs posted a $7,500 dollar bond and is no longer behind bars.