Coahoma ISD Starts School Despite Construction

Roma Vivas
Roma Vivas

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

COAHOMA- Coahoma High School is still under construction and officials said it might take one more year for everything to be done. School started right on schedule on Monday morning. Some teachers had to share some classrooms, but they say the sacrifice is all worth it.

"When we passed our bond issue excitement started growing in Coahoma ISD, we wanted new buildings and we knew it was going to be a period of adjustment," Coahoma High School Teacher Mary Rowell, said.

And it has been for about 800 students in the Coahoma School District. The High School is still under construction and some parts of the building are closed. This has forced several teachers to share classrooms.

"The biggest move was one of my colleagues who has technological classes and has been moved to the faculty dining room," Rowell said.

When the multi-million dollar renovations are over, the classrooms will be high tech and energy efficient.

"We have rooms that when you go in there the lights will come on, everything will have sensors. In fact, they will be able to sense if it's occupied or not and so the power that we use will be minimum until someone is in there," Coahoma High School Principal Jay Kennedy, said.

But despite all the changes, Kennedy says the learning process will continue.

"We are not going to let our circumstances affect the way we go about our business, we are here to enable kids to learn and they are here to learn and that's what we are going to do," Kennedy said.

Construction has been limited during school and safety is always first.

"We are limiting any contact between our kids and the workers here so that's at a very low minimum. We've also blocked off areas where constructions is going on during the day," Kennedy said.

School officials said construction is still on the budget and it may last for one year.