Pastor Raising Awareness by Living on Top of 60 foot Cross for One Week

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA- Reverend Emmitt Beasley from Big Blue Circle Ministries and members of his congregation built the 7,800 pound Cross in two weeks. The Ministry already helps more than 100 homeless people, but they're low on space and need help to build several more shelters.

"We've been trying to raise quite a bit of awareness for the last year on the women and children problem with sheltering them when they become abandoned or homeless and we haven't gotten a  lot of response," Rev. Emmitt Beasley, Big Blue Circle Ministries, said.

So Beasley came up with the idea of creating a Cross. He plans to live on the platform for seven days.

"We will obtain another buildings in another location, actually two more buildings and two more different locations to actually house the women and the children. We might build one building here on this location in these five acres here, and we plan on housing 100 women and children," Beasley said.

Members of his congregations thought that building a 60 foot Cross and staying up there for seven days was a little unusual, but now they support him 100 percent.

"When he first came to me with the idea I had to do a lot praying about it because it's unusual, but Emmitt is like the Energizer Bunny when he gets something on his heart and in his mind there is not stooping him," Dr. Dewey Blevins, Big Blue Circle Ministries, said.

Beasley's time on the Cross will mean spending seven days apart from his wife and two kids. His wife says it will be difficult not to have her husband around, but it's all for a good cause.

"I am very proud of him, at the same time scared, I've never really been away from him for too much at a time as far as completely for a week, but I know God's got his hand over him and everything is going to be ok," April Beasley, Wife of Rev. Emmitt Beasley, said.

Beasley has a bed, cell phone, a laptop, and roof up in the platform, he even has a portable potty. People will be on the ground at all hours of the day to make sure he is safe and provide him with food and water.  He says he will only come down from the Cross if weather gets too bad.

If would like to make any donations just contact the Big Blue Circle Ministries.