Permian Basin Farmers Market Now Offering Tomatoes

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A fresh batch of tomatoes is now on the menu for West Texans. Farmers said they are working hard to offer fresh produce after a slow growing season. On Saturday morning, Vendors said it was one of the busiest days they've had since the market opened this Summer.

"Because of all of the wind we had earlier and the varying temperatures so forth, so it just has not been normal," Farmers' Market Vendor June Russell, said.

Harsh weather conditions made it almost impossible for farmers to grow this season, but some were able to offer produce and some weren't.

"One of our growers, he put out 350 plants and the next day a 60 mile an hour wind came and it cooked them all," Russell said.

But despite the up and downs of growing this year, on Saturday West Texans couldn't get enough of fresh tomatoes.

"I also go to the supermarket, but you can't get the quality of tomatoes, they are just not nearly as tasty as what you can get here at the Farmers' Market and everything that I have bought here is fresh and it's been grown locally," Farmers' Market Buyer Marty Hearne, said.

The Farmers Market offers more than just fruits and vegetables, they also offer beef.

"We control the whole process from start to finish and we dry age this beef, the beef you buy at the grocery store is not dry aged anymore,  we just have control over the whole process and we guarantee to be good, if it's not we guarantee your money back," Farmers' Market Vendor Schuyler Wight, said.

Wight has been part of the market for about five years. He sells his produce and teaches his daughters how to treat customer.

"It's good to learn how to greet people and meet people, and it's just good learning experience.  They have to get up early, I wake them up before dawn, and we get out here and they have to be on their toes," Wright said.

The Permian Basin Farmers market is open Tuesday and Saturday from seven in the morning until about 10. It's located on 5021 Princeton Ave, Midland TX, 79703.