ALON Lawsuit Trial Continues in Howard County

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

HOWARD COUNTY - It's not over yet in Howard County.

The court battle over how much the ALON Refinery is worth is going into overtime.

The trial was supposed to wrap up on Friday and the lawsuit settled one way or the other, but that didn't happen.

This all started when alon received the bills for what they were supposed to pay for their property tax for 2006 and 2007.

ALON says it's too much, way too much.

The company filed a lawsuit against Howard County and paid the taxes on what they thought was the right amount while the lawsuit plays out.

All this is putting a strain on the County budget without the tax money they counted on from ALON Howard County taxpayers are picking up the slack.

The trial which started on Monday was expected to be finished by Friday.

No word on when the two parties will be back in court.

We're told the docket for the 118th District Court is already full for next week.

Officials say it could be the beginning of September before the court battle continues.