Crimestoppers Unveils New Hotline

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

NOTREES - Crimestoppers are stepping up to stop a growing number of oil field crimes. Here in West Texas, the number of thefts on drilling sites is up, but all that could change.

"Theft and fraud is just on the rise right now, and so we're trying to help that," Angie Valenzuela, with Midland Crime Stoppers, said.

Both Midland and Odessa Crimestoppers unveiled new signs and bumper stickers on Thursday.  They discussed a new hotline for Energy Crime Stoppers, aimed at cutting down on crime in oil fields.

"It's quick, and one guy can cut clips from wire and haul it off and sell it," George Ward, District Manager at Apache Corporation, said.

Ward said copper wire and tubbing are the big targets from criminals. 


Because they are worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

"Besides the financial impact to Apache, the direct impact probably means if this pulling unit crew is going to work with that tubbing the next day, they've got a day off. So, they're not earning any money to bring home to their families," Ward said. "There's a lot of secondary cost like that."

"They mostly happen at night, because of course these sights are out in the middle of nowhere, no one is really watching them, but they can happen during the day," Valenzuela added.

And that's why Crimestoppers say if you see any suspicious activity to call them.

"Keep that in their mind, so that they'll be able to report stuff that they see out there," Valenzuela said.

There are cash rewards of up to $1,000 if you have a tip that leads to an arrest.
Again, Crimestoppers says if you do have information about crime, you will remain anonymous:

Energy Crime Stoppers:

Odessa Crime Stoppers:

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