New Schools for Andrews ISD

By Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

School bells will ring come Monday morning at 8 am in Andrews and they are scrambling to make sure their new Elementaries are ready.

"A little bit of stress we had a faculty meeting and we all agreed it was just going to take patience and be flexible, but we are so excited about it will work out fine," 4th grade teacher Shannon Lambert, said.

The new Underwood Elementary houses 4th and 5th graders and Monday both gyms and music rooms will still be under construction.

"We talked to the P.E.  Teacher and we are just going to take them outside. At this time we just need to be flexible," Andrews Teacher Suzanne George, said.

Phones and computers are still off the hook, but faculty are crossing their fingers by Monday they will be ready.

"It's been a little bit of a challenge, but everything is so nice. We got new classrooms, books, and desks," Andrews Teacher Rachel Dessert, said.

Devonian and Underwood Elementaries are both part of a 2006 bond package that cost about 12 million dollars each. The schools replace 50 year old plus Elementaries.

"We didn't really have an air conditioner in the old building. You were either freezing or burning up," Lambert said.

While the school won't be complete on August 25th, the teachers are more than ready.

"You know in 4th grade the parents don't usually walk them to their rooms, but I have a feeling all the parents will be here wanting to see the new building," Lambert said.

The gym and the music room are expected to be ready in about two weeks after school starts.